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700 Industrial Way
Tofino, BC


Picnic Charcuterie produces high quality cured meats, sausages and preserves using BC ingredients sourced directly from local producers and harvesters. We practice traditional production and aging techniques, and incorporate non-traditional local ingredients. Our storefront boasts a carefully curated selection of Canadian and international cheeses. We sell directly to local restaurants, and to visitors & residents of Tofino, BC.



Two Rivers Meats is a company that cares. So naturally we're stoked to be sourcing pork and beef from them supporting the farmers they trust.

A bit about them from their website :

Two Rivers Specialty Meats is a purveyor of fine local meats that are free of antibiotics, hormones, and  chemical feed additives. In addition to providing the finest protein products available, our goal is to strengthen the connection between producers and consumers. We want to foster a deep understanding amongst chefs, retailers, restaurants, consumers and the local farms who provide our products. We believe that people should know where their food is coming from, and that it was produced ethically and naturally.

Yea, we're into that.

Follow them on Twitter @TwoRiversMeats, on Facebook /TwoRiversSpecialtyMeats or on Instagram @tworiversmeats.