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Picnic Charcuterie produces high quality cured meats, sausages and preserves using BC ingredients sourced directly from local producers and harvesters. We practice traditional production and aging techniques, and incorporate non-traditional local ingredients. Our storefront boasts a carefully curated selection of Canadian and international cheeses. We sell directly to local restaurants, and to visitors & residents of Tofino, BC.



Dedicated to documenting the evolution, and behind the scenes antics, of Picnic Charcuterie.

Papa Windsor

Tina Windsor

Much more has happened in the last month than just me falling off the blogging wagon. The pending smoker arrived, and has been silently sitting waiting to be called into action while we bustle around it tearing down and building up.

My dear papa Windsor came across from Ottawa to help with a big construction push for the first two weeks of May. We accomplished plenty including starting and finishing the drywall, electrical, construction of the aging room and installation of the Octaform* panels. There's no way I could have accomplished what we did alone - not even in twice the time. Thanks, Dad!

Now that he's back home, I'm left to my own devices as the help of friends is only available during their days off. Painting and trim shouldn't take too much longer. Now we're waiting for the smoker chimney installation and the plumbing - then it's move in time!

*Little plug here: Octaform panels are amazing. It is a new alternative to those huge awkward RFPs (reinforced fiberglass panels) that are required for food-safe facilities. These panels come in 8', 10', 12' and 14' lengths (of 12" and 18" wide) and have a myriad of corner joint options. It took some effort to get the hang of it (good idea to start with the shortest, most easily accessible wall) but once we got going it was pretty smooth. It is by no means a perfect system - but that's the joy. It's flexible enough that it forgives imperfect installation conditions and malleable enough that you can make it fit to awkward spaces. It does require that you put your thinking cap on and do some on-the-fly problem solving, but if you're creative I have no doubt you can figure it out. I would highly recommend it :

Pending smoker

Tina Windsor

It's been a long hunt for the right grinder, stuffer, smoker and other bits and pieces. Most of the big purchases are in my hot little hands, and there are no more (expected) cross-island trips with the truck and trailer. All of the off-island orders arrived within the last couple of days, so naturally the boxes of supplies have been torn open, and the living room looks as if there has been a small explosion.


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