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700 Industrial Way
Tofino, BC


Picnic Charcuterie produces high quality cured meats, sausages and preserves using BC ingredients sourced directly from local producers and harvesters. We practice traditional production and aging techniques, and incorporate non-traditional local ingredients. Our storefront boasts a carefully curated selection of Canadian and international cheeses. We sell directly to local restaurants, and to visitors & residents of Tofino, BC.


Fine Foods Match Vancouver Island’s Spectacular Setting

The New York Times

"Another grab-and-go option is Picnic Charcuterie, where an Ontario native, Tina Windsor, 28, uses the island’s meats, edible plants and herbs. Opened last June, her long and compact deli includes a small back room where she ages and smokes her creations, such as ham cured with a kelp stout from Tofino Brewing Company and pancetta cured with thyme and hemlock tips. A seven-foot-long counter at the entryway displays her dozen varieties."
-Shivana Vora, the New York Times

Visit the Small Canadian Town That's Putting Big Food Capitals to Shame

Saveur Magazine

"Crustaceans and bivalves, naturally: gnarly gooseneck barnacles at Wolf in The Fog; decapods in the form of Dungeness crabs, sweet and simply boiled, devoured right on the beach beside The Wickaninnish Inn; and palm-sized beach oysters broiled beneath a toasty shell of miso mayonnaise and salmon bacon at Sobo. I'm getting my greens mainly from marine algae: slippery pickled bull kelp at Picnic washed down with Tofino Brewing Company's Kelp Stout. It's all remarkably good, and my fur has never looked better.  "
-Chris Johns, Saveur Magazine


Carnivore Club

"With an ethos that consumers should know how and where the food they eat is produced, and who produces it, owner Tina Windsor directly supports the production and harvesting of local and ethically raised goods, and ensures she gets most of her items from Vancouver Island producers." ...