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700 Industrial Way
Tofino, BC


Picnic Charcuterie produces high quality cured meats, sausages and preserves using BC ingredients sourced directly from local producers and harvesters. We practice traditional production and aging techniques, and incorporate non-traditional local ingredients. Our storefront boasts a carefully curated selection of Canadian and international cheeses. We sell directly to local restaurants, and to visitors & residents of Tofino, BC.



Picnic Charcuterie is located in Tofino, BC, where it is owned and operated locally.



We produce high quality cured meats and provisions using local and seasonal BC ingredients. Practicing traditional production and aging techniques, and using only the minimum required preservatives, we strive to purvey an exceptional product.

Craft is important to us. Traditional techniques have been used for centuries, and have cultural roots. These techniques take patience, and value every part of an animal. Crafting respects the time, effort and life given to raise and harvest the ingredients we use.

Food sovereignty and safety is equally significant to us. We think consumers should know how and where the food they eat is produced, and who produces it. We believe in directly supporting the production and harvest of local and ethically raised goods, and prioritize sourcing ingredients from Vancouver Island producers.

We believe agricultural land can and should be managed with respect, diligence and longevity in mind. Respectful and forward thinking land management can allow for more land to be left untouched; more habitat remaining for local wildness to thrive. Directly supporting farmers and harvesters who practice sustainable management techniques allows them the financial flexibility to make sustainable decisions which maintain more wildness, and propel a more local food system. Please see our PRODUCERS folder to read more about who we source our ingredients from.


The word picnic dates back to the 18th century and is derived from the French word ‘pique-nique’, meaning 'to eat an informal outdoor meal with family'. This outdoor meal is typically composed of salty cured and smoked meats, pickled vegetables and delicious jams or jellies. It is an inclusive term and involves adventuring with friends and family.

Picnic is also a type of primal cut of pork that often has the ideal ratio of 30% fat to 70% meat for sausage making :: delicious!

Charcuterie is the French word for a group of cold ready to eat meats. This includes salted, cured, smoked, cooked, brined and confit. A charcuterie is the overarching term for the place where meats, vegetables and fruits are preserved. The charcutier is the lucky person who produces all these tantalizing treats.


Tina Windsor is the owner/operator at Picnic Charcuterie. She has a diverse background including grass-based livestock husbandry, and artisan cheese and charcuterie production. She lives, loves and preserves foods in Tofino, BC, Canada.